Playing in the grey spaces: insights over process

Stories Mar 04, 2020

People find the world a complex place with competing priorities and messages to sort through.  We are unsure of what is the best next action to achieve our goals within the finite time we have. This problem escalates the closer your role is to the customer – we have an urgency to help the next customer and generally only have time to prioritise the next non-customer facing action on gut feel.

What makes this so hard to solve?

  • Big and small businesses generally consist of multiple processes.  To manage them, we then build systems or buy a SaaS and create team structures to fit the major themes (product, credit, marketing, sales, customer, servicing, collections, HR, compliance and learning).  Naturally this leaves gaps and disconnects between each system/SaaS.  Silos result - siloed data, siloed intelligence.  Those closest to customer are left to join the dots across various business units and systems.
  • Inefficiency results when we have to anchor our world around a fixed business process and systems/SaaS silos and we find human behaviour does not align to the desired process – hark to the never ending challenge of traditional change management.  So what we generally do is try to turn the Finance, CRM, or marketing system into performance systems with insights.  The result is disjointed views which become too complex to consume information and take informed fast decisions on next action.  The unwieldy becomes unused square pegs in a round holes.  (Don't get me wrong, business process definition is paramount.  I am a process junkie and spent my first 10 years doing this.  However perhaps how we operationalise and manage to the process it needs to be turned upside down.)
  • Hence the next evolution was to throw millions at building data warehouses to store data we knew we needed but did not know what for. Build it and they will come.  Designed with perfect structure but completely inaccessible and uninterpretable to those who may know what to do with it.  Enter the world of BIG DATA which most organisations don’t understand and so throw more money at statisticians to try to find some gold in the next never-never.

So how do we simply join the intelligence across the silos in a way that adds value to my next action? And why not make it ‘fun’ at the same time!

  • At the end of the day every “role” can be distilled into a pipeline - from opportunity to customer outcome.  Every individual just needs to see their world and next step from a balcony in one-click.
  • Forget the system, forget the business process which human nature bucks to follow.  View your world in a pipeline to unlock the most efficient path users need to take across the entire business chain.
  • Gamify my world in the pipeline.  Publicly socialise the world … then let it go viral.  A visualised and gamified pipeline allows people find simplicity in moving their world forward.
  • Comparisons between conversion rates and turnaround times in league ladders play to the strength of positive competition which drives continual improvement through learning from others better practice.

Isn’t this disruptive to how we operate today?

  • Um, yes!
  • But in a good way.
  • It simplifies the way we see and manage the world.
  • We can do more with less when we see and play in the grey space between job descriptions. Uber performance unlocked through dot to dot.  More about this later.

Wayne Zwar

App founder and intrapreneur passionate about performance uplift by slaying pain points through accelerated connections that motivate everyone to help customers and your business grow